For Non-Networkers

60 minutes

  1. Identify and crush mental barriers.
  2. The objective of every encounter.
  3. ​Tips you can use now.
  4. Build your game-plan.

Why The Customer is #2

60 minutes

  1. Who's number 1 in every business or cause?
  2. Build, nurture and protect culture.
  3. Who is setting your standard?
  4. What's your platinum rule?

Create Lasting Results

90 Minutes

  1. How does your leadership effect results?
  2. What are the elements of effective leadership?
  3. The difference between Management and Leadership.
  4. What's your Leadership Platform?

 As a senior executive, you've seen a lot.  You know how to recruit top talent. You also know the pitfalls that derail new managers as they transition to executive leadership.  How can you ensure your young talent doesn't flameout or leave well before their time? Money can be replaced, but what about the time and resources you've invested? How will you create a pipeline to your continued success? It's time for a plan that builds leaders.


Is your competition waking up? Are they leaning on your Revenues? Profits? Key employees? Learn what your competition may already know. Your success (and maximizing your bonus) hinges your ability to get new leaders up to speed quickly. Deliver results in key roles without constantly having to fly in to save the day. It's time to call a specialist.

Galen Bingham is The Leadership Strategist.  Over three decades as a leader in corporate businesses and non-profit organizations of all sizes, Galen has honed the art of developing young leaders.  He has delivered P&Ls with a new team in major corporations. He has landed the large client to make payroll small businesses.  He has educated and inspired executives to deliver results. Whether you need to develop a team of millennials or reinvigorate seasoned star performers, Galen is the specialist you need. Galen Bingham is The Leadership Strategist.

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The Leadership Strategist 


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Galen's Leadership Reflections

Guest Podcaster

Get Out of Your Way

90 minutes

  1. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  2. Is focus your problem?
  3. Where do you draw the line?
  4. Are you willing to grind?
  5. ​Your Promise

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